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Wife. Mum. Boss. Domestic Goddess. Timekeeper. Cake-sale Baker. Dog Walker. Remind-o-saurus for bl**dy everyone. Good Girl. Daughter. Sister. Nice Neighbour. Happy Hostess. Perfect Parent. Volunteer. Blood Donor. Saving seal pups in the Arctic, bare-handed. Always with a smile. And an enviable BMI, no less.

Had enough? Me too.


My Story

Following the Fire.

I realised one day that I had been absolutely miserable in trying to please everyone but me, spinning a gazillion plates at the same time (all made of China, of course, for maximum impact should I dare drop one. You get the picture). 

And then... I started decluttering my soul, calendar, home & social circles. And guess what? It worked. I AM HAPPY. *Drumroll, por favor.*

Of course, I wasn't always this happy. Rest assured that I had my fair share of bullying, suffering, loss, grief, and all the usual suspects that will derail anyone for a while. But it wasn't just life events that chipped away at my joy, it was how much I valued other people's opinions. I CARED SO MUCH about what everybody else thought of me, that I lost touch of who I actually was and what I actually wanted.

From the very first time I licked blood and went travelling across Europe with my friend, I knew life was so much more interesting than staying, marrying and dying in my home town (if that rocks your boat, no offence, it just isn't for me.). I value freedom, growth and connection. Yet, I often felt trapped and untrue to myself. I knew that if I wanted to ever live in line with my values, something had to change.

I'm someone who dares greatly: I followed my heart and married my soul mate. I moved halfway around the world with nothing but the contents of two suitcases. I held a tree spider and a tarantula despite my crippling fear of (the teensiest) spiders, just to show my girls that spiders are nothing to be afraid of (*pants on fire*...). I shared with the world my pain, having gone through recurrent miscarriages for almost a decade, just to show to others that they weren't alone. I risked everything when I ditched a well-paid 9-to-5 and started a business from my kitchen table. I was vulnerable in moments where I had no control whatsoever over the outcome of the situation, got deeply hurt, but stayed true to my values. I put down roots 1,000 miles away from home.

My name is Katie, and I am here to help you live life to the max, full of love, joy & fire (and minus the fear, pain & guilt that are still holding you back!). I navigated myself from "Meh" to a life that is not only deeply fulfilling because I know who I am and what I want in this world, but that is also full of self-love and self-respect.

Sounds too good to be true? It isn't. I promise to rock your world for the foreseeable future. Be sure to tip your waitress (or waiter, we live in a modern world, after all).

You are here for SO MUCH MORE (you've had this feeling for a while, am I right?!). Let's find out what it is and how you'll get there!


 Ramp up your fire, Honeycakes.

Trust me, it'll make you feel like all the unicorns and rainbows inside.

121 Coaching Session

Let go of everything that's been holding you back. Learn how to find your fire step-by-step.

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Ready to rock 2020?

Find the right project and turn your life into lava. We're talking smoking, sizzling, hot hot hot. You get the picture.


AND THEN SHE SAID... my life starts now.

Because she finally realised that she owed it to herself. Spoiler alert: I am here to help you learn the fine art of knowing what to cling onto and what to let go of, so you don't have to figure everything out all by yourself.


"When you drop the baggage, open your heart, stay in the present and take a big leap out of your comfort zone, true magic happens."

Katie Caiger




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