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My name is Katie,

and I have a mission:  To remove the stigma and silence surrounding pregnancy loss by encouraging conversations and care.


Are you... directly affected by baby loss?

Find out about my offer for bereaved women & couples here.

Grief is a form of love that is looking to heal you, not hurt you. With the right guidance and human connection, you will be able to create yourself a fulfilling, meaningful life - and thrive rather than just survive.
It is a common belief that time is a great healer, right? Well, not quite. Grief needs empathy, If you feel that you cannot share your story because nobody would understand, or you'd rather keep it unheard because you feel guilt and shame, you will find yourself in a paralysing loop, mulling over your emotions and unable to move forward in your own life. The worst thing is that you will not be able to be the best possible version of yourself.  

Are you... part of an organisation looking to improve support and raise awareness around baby loss?

Find out more about my in-house awareness training here.

Let me guide and support you in a loving, empathic & helpful way!

I'm here for you.

"Living an empowered and resilient life whilst

holding space for grief is 100% possible."

- Katie CaigeR -

Time alone

won't heal you.

Grief needs empathy.

- Katie Caiger -

I walked into a room of 100 women today and asked,

"Who of you has ever had a miscarriage?" - and 25 of them raised their hand.
"How was that for you? Does anyone want to share?"
They all got up from their seats.

"Brilliant. We will start with you, in the red jumper, then you, then you,... "

This is the future. This is my future.

In ten years to come, pregnancy loss will be a topic we can all talk about, without feeling ashamed, embarrassed, guilty, awkward. Awareness surrounding pregnancy loss will become an indispensable part of our daily private and professional lives.

This is why I am doing this. This is my vision.

Katie Caiger