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About me

I am no stranger to grief having gone through many pregnancy losses myself. Trying to conceive, particularly after loss, is a very testing time for most women; you feel stuck in limbo and don´t know whether to keep trying or not.

I am a mum to two wonderful girls that thankfully made it into this world. After years of recurrent miscarriages, postnatal depression and anxiety, I slowly redesigned my blueprint and decided to stop trying for another baby. I made the conscious decision that my inability to carry children full-term was not going to define my self-worth any longer.

Today, I run two successful businesses which I started from scratch, generating the income and freedom I always wanted for my family.  I know the challenges of finding a healthy balance and what it means to stay motivated and on course every single day.

My   time to shine had come.

It took me many years of soul-searching, personal development and finding my own identity so I could finally thrive, rather than survive. In that process, I found my calling in this world: To help other women navigate their grief after pregnancy loss and support them on their path towards a New Normal. After everything you've been through, there is no going back to the "way things were". Your life has now forever changed. There is no “getting over it” or being “fine” now. Your memories of your child and the pain of the loss will stay present for a long time, possibly forever. Yet, you will learn to continue forward. You aren’t broken. You are likely one of the most resilient humans you will ever meet.

Having qualified as a Life Coach & Counselling Practitioner, underpinned by a Diploma in

Grief & Bereavement Counselling, my work particularly focusses on moving forward with - not after - loss. My passion for supporting women has enabled me to gain unique insight and understanding of how individuals, parents & families cope with pregnancy loss. It is this experience you will ultimately benefit from.

Whether you've had your first miscarriage or your fifth, or you've been trying to conceive for years and are struggling to envisage a Plan B that doesn't involve having your own children: 

I know that it can be hard to find someone to talk to. In my experience, partners often process a pregnancy loss very differently, which may add to your discomfort and cause you to withdraw.

I'm here for you.

Ask for details and book your free* introductory call
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*Our 20-minute introductory call is free-of-charge and comes without any pressure to book any further sessions. If we do decide to work together, 60-minute-sessions will be priced at £40.00 and can be booked individually.


In this interview, Katie talks about her work, mission & vision.
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You feel misunderstood or isolated alone with your grief, anger or shame?


Trying to conceive has taken up so much space in your life that you can't seem to think about anything else?


Your pregnancy loss has left deep traces in your physical and mental well-being?


You are looking to give meaning to your life but you're not sure how to start without the right support?


You're longing to find new impulses and perspectives and finally want to regain your strength?



Then let me accompany you on your journey.